Welcome at the DoggyDayCare at Castricum

Welcome to the page of Scruffy's Vriendjes - the doggydaycare and dog walker from Castricum

I have summarised what I do and how I do it, my schedules and possible choices for you and your dog below in english.

The Dutch version of my website is more detailed, but you will find all the important information here in english.

I hope you like what you read, and we will meet you soon!

With love,

Scruffy and Kimberley



My name is Kimberley and together with my dog Scruffy we walk and dogsit dogs from Castricum, Heemskerk, Limmen, Heiloo and Egmond. Scruffy is a whippet that loves running with her friends.

Hence the name for my services: Scruffy's Vriendjes (Scruffy's Friends).

I have started in May 2017 and have since been driving around and exploring the possible walking areas in the neighbourhood of above mentioned towns.

I graduated from International Business and Management in 2016, but then discovered I am more of an outdoor girl than an office girl. My family and I had dogs as pets all my life and I always enjoyed their company very much.

I decided to follow my passion for them and went on studying dog psychology and dog behaviour. Even after completing the study and working as a dog walker, I continue to educate myself, as new major changes to the old working method of dog education and behaviour are continuously being discovered.

At Scruffy's Vriendjes I apply two types of working methods; the Cesar Milan method and the positive learning method. From my experience I believe that a combination of both is the best to suit the need of a dog.




Scruffy's Vriendjes differ from other dog walking services mainly because I offer two different types of services:

Doggydaycare and Dog walking

Dog walking.

I have a weekly schedule for walking.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - 1 walk a day (11:00-14:00)

Each walk is around 60 minutes long and in a group of maximum 6 dogs per walk (excluding Scruffy). I believe smaller groups are best as dogs seem more confident and comfortable in a small pack. It is also easier to control 6 dogs and give them each the attention, care and affection they need rather than running behind the 10 of them trying to make them all happy, while stressing out the whole environment around.

All dogs I take in a group are social and I aim to mix males and females to balance out the group.

I collect the dogs myself and bring them back home tired, happy and dry (when raining). I work with a key contract, meaning I wills safely store your key and make sure that the key will not be duplicated or given to third parties.



Has a different schedule.

Dogs are collected from home between 08:00-10:00.

Their first walk at is at 10:00. They have an hour to run, sniff, play and chase each other silly to release all energy. They are then taken to my place where they can chill, sleep or chew on snacks. I believe a good rest is equally important to a good run for a physical as well as psychological wellbeing of a dog. I will always make sure of that regardless of the number of dogs in my care. Maximum number will however be 8 dogs at the same time.

During the day they will have two more small walks and I will do some brain activity games with them too.

From around 3 pm till 17:00 I am bringing them back home.

For this service I also work with a key contract.






Dog walking(60 minutes) - €16,95

Doggydaycare(7 hours) - €24,50

Doggydaycare(3 hours) - €19,50

Sleep over (24 hours) - €30,-


All payments except the sleep over service are accepted monthly


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Scruffy's Vriendjes are available in Dutch.

But below is a translation of the most important conditions for you.

  • Every dog needs to be social in his/her behaviour.
  • It is helpful to have an insurance for your dog in case of accidents (such as bites) as Scruffy's Vriendjes cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of your dog. Any costs expensed by Scruffy’s Viendjes related to accidents will be rechargeable to the owner of the dog.
  • The dog should understand the basic orders like 'sit', 'stay', 'wait'.
  • The dog should have the mandatory vaccinations or a titer test
  • The provided house key will not be copied, not given to third parties, not labelled with an address (only dog name).
  • Payments should be done within 7 days after receiving the invoice (monthly). Late payments will be fined by additional €7,50